Hello World…

Since November the page has been down because of a technical issue and since I don’t check it very often I haven’t even noticed. Sorry for being offline for so long, I’ll try to check in more and post stuff.

M1x3d Up album released!

Alright guys, the M1x3d Up album is available at your favorite digital music or streaming service. I’m very happy with the album since it takes me back to the roots of my remixing journey. Enjoy!

Spotify users go here: https://open.spotify.com/album/3YvlqEuAzw8xd5p4Ictgni?si=9cGrIvCqSl-kyC_afXKlSQ&fbclid=IwAR3CDpR-256hEdy6xQAkSJK7Hjay49tViUok08TbEwvUca7Sm5X5Wb4CcGA

I have also received some requests for FLACs, I will see if I can sort that out in some convenient way.

Outrun Remix Remastered

A remastered version of my classic Outrun remix is now available on streaming services (Spotify, iTunes etc.). This has been a request for some time now so I decided to dig up the original .wav file and tried my best to bring up the quality. I also found the remix to be one of my favorite remixes of the past.

The task was not the easiest since the source material was made over 20 years ago. While the sonic quality doesn’t compare to productions of today, I think it’s safe to say it sounds much better than the MP3 circulating the Internet. And it’s more widely available. Enjoy!

Spotify link: spotify:track:5p3QaYnukt8eCQmzwMYKM0

Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude

Hello guys!
I want to get your attention towards a very interesting project I’m being part of – Amiga Power: The Album With Attitude.
The project has a really impressive lineup of talents of both original composers from back in the day and remixers. I’m contributing with 2 remixes, one from a demo and one from a game.

The Kickstarter campaign will begin shortly but you can check out more about the project here:

Old Instant Remedy Album up again

Yay, the old Instant Remedy album is up again on Spotify and other streaming services.

Spotify link: spotify:album:7yO19PeFvbE80Mzds4TauD

This was an important step for me to do since I learned how to declare copyrights etc. for remixes to distribute commercially. That means it will be much easier for me to make a remix and get it out for everyone to enjoy in the future.

I already have a few remixes waiting to be sent for submission. And at least one new remix is in the works.

[soundcloud id=’230549640′ height=’false’]

R-Type Remix

Another attempt in the struggle to update my sound towards contemporary electronic music. Although blaspheming by excluding the original arp-chords I feel the track came out pretty neat and met my expectations and goals I set up. It’s full of energy and some french speech spice things up even further.
Also on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/0cHLYKedUZFiJOBFLXjnyk
[soundcloud id=’276084284′]

Captain Planet (Synthwave Mix)

I’ve made an 80s style track – a remix of a tune from an Amiga game called Captain Planet and the Planeteers. And a retro styled image to get you into the mood. I think this style is pretty interesting and plan to make more music in this direction. Enjoy!

[soundcloud id=’250248402′]

Putting it out there

Although I haven’t put anything new out in a while doesn’t mean I haven’t done anything.
I have 2 really cool remixes ready to go but my plan from now on is to try to release them on as many channels as possible, including commercial services like Spotify, iTunes etc. But that means I have to deal with stuff like tracking down the people who owns the rights to the tunes to get permissions and that is not always the easiest task. So please stand by while I try to sort stuff out, getting my stuff on Spotify for example will be much more convenient for a lot of listeners.

I will also try my best to produce new stuff more frequently.