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New Album “M1x3d Up” to be released soon

I’m not very frequent with my posts but that doesn’t mean I’m inactive.

The first track I made for the album was a Flimbo’s Quest remix of the title theme which was an easy choice since the Flimbo remix on my first album by far is the most popular track on Spotify (approaching 500k!). Thanks everyone who keep listening to my music, this is what motivates me to create new stuff.

The main reason I’m releasing an album as opposed to singles is the convenience of releasing several tracks at once without the need to make new album art, submissions etc. Besides, I like the way albums are displayed in Spotify. The album is more of an “extended EP” and not a full album since it only has 8 tracks. Some of the tracks are old remixes which never made it to commercial platforms but by working out the copyright stuff and remastering them now have found a way to your favorite streaming service. 4 of the tracks are original compositions I made some years ago which I remixed/remastered to make them fit your ears better. Although the styles of the tracks are a bit m1x3d (hence the album name), the primary direction of the sound is a classic 90’s dance style with SID sounds and crispy arp chords – the classic IR sound. This is what I think most fans will appreciate.

Project X and Streaming Services

Long time no update. Sorry, I’ll try keep it more frequent in the upcoming months.

I want to inform the fans of the Instant Remedy SID remixes that they have been taken down from various streaming services due to a contract ending recently. The Album will be submitted again but it may take a month or two to get everything sorted among all my other real life duties.

I also stumbled upon a remix on my HDD which I made quickly for a request I can’t really remember. It’s a remix of a remix of the version I made for the Amiga ID2 album. Check it out below (Soundcloud).