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06 21

Insert Disk 2 Amiga remix album released!

Go check out what has been cooking for the past 7 years at:
Insert Disk 2
I hope you will enjoy it and sorry for the looong production time!

06 10

Instant Remedy - Insert Disk 2

The CD will be available at 2015-06-20 in CD, digital and streaming versions.
Pre-ordering is available at: http://www.010101-music.nl/release/insert-disk-2.html
A preview mix can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KUSIRBJ7mOw
I hope you are as excited as I am about the long awaited release!

05 26

It's getting real close

02 08

Best Amiga Remix 2014 award

Cool News, the Pinball Dreams - Nightmare remix won the Best Amiga Remix 2014 at Remix 64 http://www.remix64.com/roty/roty-2014.html. Nice!

12 22

New Remixes

I want to apologize for not updating my page very often. On the Amiga remix CD side there is not much to tell at this time. The CD is ready but is stuck at the design of the booklet and stuff. In the meantime I make new remixes. Here are 2 new ones, one pretty well known and one pretty obscure. Enjoy!

03 09

New SID Remix

Since I've finished all my other music projects I thought it was time for a new SID remix. Enjoy!
Oh yes, I joined Soundcloud too.

11 12

Instant Remedy on Facebook

And I finally created a Facebook page for Instant Remedy. It's here http://www.facebook.com/InstantRemedy. It's easier to update info this way. I'll get some some typical FB style icons and stuff for this site some time later.

10 15

Amiga Remix CD Status

Just a quick status update for you guys.
The mastering is done so the music content is 100% and ready for pressing. What is left is the CD cover which has most but not all art assets and layout stuff to be sorted out. Jan Zottmann who is the producer of the CD is a bit busy with work in October but hopefully we will be able to wrap this up as soon as we can.
Thanks for your patience!

05 14

CD release getting closer

The release of the Amiga Remix CD is finally getting real close! I've finished all the remixes and the final stages are about to begin. I think a release in July is a pretty good guess. I also think I might share the full CD listing with you: (in no particular order)
  • Battle Squadron - Ingame
  • BattleSquadron - Highscore
  • Project-X - Title
  • Full Contact - Title
  • Ready (Paranoimia/Vision Factory cracktro)
  • Seven Gates of Jambala - Title
  • Lotus Turbo Challenge 2 - Title
  • Lost Patrol - Ingame
  • Hülsbeck Medley:
    • Turrican 2 - Title
    • The Adventures of Quick & Silva - Ingame
    • Turrican 1 - Title
    • Turrican 2 - The Wall
    • Turrican 2 - Desert Rocks
    • Turrican 2 - World 5
    • Apprentice - Title
  • Hippel Medley:
    • Leathal Xcess - Options
    • Warp
    • Wings of Death - Level 1
    • Wings of Death - Level 5
    • Wings of Death - Level 6
    • Chambers of Shaolin - Test of Balance
    • RSI Theme
    • Chambers of Shaolin - Fight
  • Guest Track *
* The Guest Track remains a secret but will be a nice addition to the already packed list.

As you can see I worked my way through 25 remixes, some of the remixes in the medleys are rather extensive. I'm very happy to finally be able to release them.

On top of that, I've also added music from 3 more games in the game music section.

10 06

Amiga Remix CD teaser V2

To show you guys I'm actually getting something done, I've put together a new teaser for you to enjoy on the Amiga Remix CD.
The summer has been a very unproductive time for the CD project but now I have time to put into it again. And get it done. Thanks for being patient.

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